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13 hours ago, Jerbear114 said:

Does Gibson or anybody plan on putting out another signature series angus young sg ? Been trying to find one ,and they are nowhere to be found? Thanks for any information. Jerry.

Gibson may again. If they think can milk the guitar playing public and make a buck they certainly will. Best SG, I ever owned was a used $600 SG Special I no longer have.

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When my son was 14, a freshman in high school and playing trombone in the concert band, he discovered the guitar. What a journey that has sent us on but that's another story. He played his band teachers acoustic for a while then asked for his own electric guitar. I asked which one he liked and he showed me a web page with an Epiphone SG Special. I asked why that one and he said he really like Angus Young. For $159.00 dollars what could it hurt. Spent another $150.00 on a used amp and away he went. That boy would play AC/DC non stop. Later I discovered that Gibson had done several Angus Young signature model runs. The run that caught my eye, started in 2010 and was dubbed the Thunderstruck. That started a search that lasted 1 1/2 years. Every morning, 7 days a week while drinking my coffee, I would search every used guitar listing I could find. You name that sight, dealer, social media and I was searching it, everyday! Then, low and behold, a 2010 Angus Young Thunderstruck in Ebony (tough to find) popped up on CL in up state NY. That was a mere 750 miles from me. The price was right. In fact, it was about $800.00 dollars low. I called, we talked, I got all the info I could. Emailed Gibson and they verified. Called Sweetwater and they verified. I hit the road! Come to find out, this guy is selling off his deceased fathers estate. Man I felt like a opportunistic piece of crap. That was never my intent. I offered to pay him market value for the guitar without hesitation. He refused my offer telling me he knew it's market value but he also knew how long I had been searching for that specific guitar and what my intentions were for the guitar. The guitar was to be a gift to my son on his 18th birthday. He then proceeded to give me free of charge, Fender Blues JR tube amp, picks, stings, tuners, stands and the list goes on forever. Every thing his dad had that was guitar related. I had to wait 10 months for his birthday to arrive but it was well worth it. This past Christmas is when we gave him the guitar and all the goodies. What a great memory for all. I cant thank that guy enough!

I guess what I'm trying to tell you is, be patient and be vigil with your searches. The right guitar and deal will come along. Probably when you expect it the least.


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7 hours ago, xvindicationx said:

What an awesome story, Scarecrow! Thanks for sharing. I got myself a second-handed, yet hardly played Gibson SG Vintage (walnut) from 2019 this weekend. The foil was still on the pickguard., I paid roughly the same what you did but couldn't be happier... The right guitar at the right time indeed.

Congrats on your score. Enjoy!

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10 minutes ago, SteveFord said:

Looks like they're always breaking down, too.

I got suckered into another clip on his guitars and they showed three from the stage rack: a 67, a 70 and a recent Billie Ray Cyrus or somebody signature model.

No Angus Young signature SG, though.  

Nothing like a blaring lead through a 1000 Watt Billy Ray Achy Breaky Plexi.

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15 hours ago, Rabs said:

The thing about the Angus sound is its not just him or the guitar.. Its VOLUME..  Have you seen how many heads he uses?  🙂 



that's impressive, and somewhat crazy.. 

did you catch in the video, there's only 2 separate heads with 1x12 cabs located out out sight that are mic'd to the house? 

so,,,  that's all for stage monitoring?

I'm surprised he's not 100% deaf at this point.

Long Live Rock and Roll!!! aint nothing like it!



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