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Steinberger guitar what model?


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That's not the serial. On your last pic of the neck heel, the serial would be on the left hand side. On a mounted neck, the serial is where your hand would be playing on the 20th fret. The serial on a USA neck always starts with "Steinberger USA" and the number has either an "N" or "TN" prefix (Nxxxx(x) or TNxxxxx).

I doubt these are factory EMGs (GRs came with SD pickups exclusively), and the knobs aren't original either. Looks more like a swap of pickups and pots.


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36 minutes ago, ToeKnee said:

Do I have to remove the neck from the body to see the model  number?  I looked everywhere and can't find it.  A friend got it out of hock and would like to know what it's worth?

No, you won't see anything about the model when removing the neck. If you want to know what model you (or your friend) have, just post a pic here, and the serial number which can be found on the lower side of the neck heel.

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