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Hey all, I recently purchased a Spirit GT Pro, mostly to use as a travel guitar.  There's a lot to like about this guitar but I've had a few issues with it. 

First off, the switch was flaky, requiring me to fiddle with it to get the bridge pickup to work.  Being that I've done some guitar work for a Gibson dealer, Customer Support agreed to send me a replacement switch.  After two weeks of waiting (still waiting), I got it working by pulling the switch and cleaning it with DeOxit.

I discovered a resonant buzz in the bridge which I found to be the bridge vibrating against the lock mechanism.  I can stop the buzz by changing the trem spring adjustment but it has to be readjusted for it to play in tune while unlocked.

Next, the stock set-up was horribly.  No neck relief, bad intonation and high action.  I've been able to rectify everything other than neck adjustment. I was able to get some neck relief initially but, with the weather changing, I'm having trouble even getting .010mm of relief.  I'm guessing, by the feel, that it has a dual-action truss rod.  I've already added some counter adjustment but I'm reluctant to go any further.

Have any of you run into this issue with your GT?  Can anyone verify that this is a dual-action truss rod?

Thanks, in advance. 

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