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Guitar/Amp Ratio


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Last night I was getting ready for bed; picked up my phone for a quick look at Reverb; and before you know it had bought an amp head.  

I woke up this morning thinking about how many amps I now have. This will bring the total to 9.  Three combos and six heads. 

And I started thinking about how many amps others might have, compared to the amount of electric guitars they own.

I have 14 electric and 1 acoustic/electric for a total of 15 guitars. So I have 15/9 ratio of guitars to amps, which is close to a 3/2. 

I think I always have assumed most players had more guitars than amps. But then I started thinking there might be a lot of folks who have 2 or 3 guitars and 5 or 6 amps.

So of course I knew how to find an answer to my question...post a topic in the lounge.

What is your guitar/amp ratio?  

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1 hour ago, kidblast said:

well, I don't feel so bad after reading some of these replies.. 🙂



Me too. That's was probably the underlying reason I started this thread.  Just to make sure I wasn't the only one.  🙂

BTW,  I didn't count my 2 bass amps.  So I actually have 15 guitars and 11 amps.  

The amps are gaining.  

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