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Well, I posted a thread on here a few months ago about a Studio that I have that I couldn't sell for $725. I was told that because it had 'Seymour Duncans" and not original pickups, that it wasn't worth jack.


Naturally, I thought this advice was moronic. To prove my point, I kept the guitar and added MORE non-Gibson hardware. I added Tone-Pros locking bridge and tailpiece, Faber locking posts, Sperzel locking tuners, Graphtech saddles and miscelanous other hardware. I just got it finished yesterday, and last night was the first time I was able to crank it up. The before and afters are below:












And now, lady's and gentlemen; I give you The Bandit:







Now THAT's a hot rod. Think she'll fetch $725 now?

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No more studios? C'mon... post pics of your studios' date=' I'll try to take a pic of mine and post it... but anyway, it's an old (80s) white with gold hardware studio... (beaten to hell).[/quote']


LOads of character then Thunder!!



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Who did it? "Pimp my ride"?


Looks smart!!




Haha, no -- I did it myself. It may be loud looking to some, but I can't wait to see the response when I pull this baby out on stage.


It's really not a 'gawdy' in real-life as it looks here, though. It's sharp.

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Turned out great man! Congrats=d>


What kind of pickups are those?


Those are the Seymour Duncans that were on it. I replaced the pole piece screws with gold, and used some "rust cleaner' on the slugs (while they were still installed of course!), and added the gold open covers.

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