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Sorry no pictures yet. Just bought my first "real" Gibson today. A 2007 Dark red Studio Les Paul. Always had ( and still have ) Fender Stratocasters, but had a couple of Epi LP that I was please with so I decided I was to give a try to a real Gibson. I will receive it next Thursday and will be please to post pictures when it will come in. At 58 y.o., after 45 years of guitar playing, it was about time :)

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I'm proud to show my 2010 limited edition silverburst. It's the model with 490/498s, 60s neck, coil taps, ebony fretboard. I've made a few changes:


1. Extra humbucker. I've fitted a G+B alnico 5, which looks identical to Gibsons. Wired up as 3 vols, master tone. I fitted a DPTP switch to isolate the middle humbucker, but wiring has proved complicated - I'm beginning to doubt it can be done!

2. Removed pickup covers. Replaced selector switch with a Switchcraft with chrome tip. Sprayed rythm/treble ring silver and fitted black washer.

3. Removed pickguard.

4. Replaced pickup surrounds with chrome-plate metal versions.

5. Stetsbar Pro 2 trem in place of stopbar and tune-o-matic.

6. Locking Jin Ho 19:1 chrome tuners.

7. Straplocks fitted, Dunlop silver strap.







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Here are some pics of my Gibson Les Paul Studio. I have had it for about 24 years. It has been sitting in a closet at my parents house for the last 12 years. The white stars and stripes have turned yellow. I am a bit sad about that. This is an original paint job. I have not seen another one like it. It came with a black pick guard, but I never attached it. I am not sure why it was not already attached when I bought it. If anyone has any information on this guitar I would really appreciate it. All I remember from when we bought it is that there was some paperwork that came with it stating that it was either 1 of 25 or 1 of 250 or something like that.

post-34252-002761300 1309891431_thumb.jpg

post-34252-069399600 1309891432_thumb.jpg

post-34252-084898700 1309891433_thumb.jpg

post-34252-079013700 1309891434_thumb.jpg

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Will post a pic another time. I have a 07 studio in wine red/gold hardware that I have modded with Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck) and JB (bridge) pups and wired to 4 push-pulls for the full Jimmy Page experience! The two volumes operate the split coil options while the bridge tone switches in/out of phase and the neck tone switches parallel/series for allegedly 48 different sounds....


I've had this arrangement now for more than a year so have got used to it but frankly, I find it a bit too much for my simple mind. I like having the options but don't really use them. Often tempted to take it all out and put in some 57 Classics instead although I am sure I would regret that.


Have also got a 1995 LP Studio wine/gold which is unaltered as well as a very lovely R8 which I bought recently and am saving up furiously for another one. Played strats for 40+ years so have some time to make up.

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Well, I posted a thread on here a few months ago about a Studio that I have that I couldn't sell for $725. I was told that because it had 'Seymour Duncans" and not original pickups, that it wasn't worth jack.


Naturally, I thought this advice was moronic. To prove my point, I kept the guitar and added MORE non-Gibson hardware. I added Tone-Pros locking bridge and tailpiece, Faber locking posts, Sperzel locking tuners, Graphtech saddles and miscelanous other hardware. I just got it finished yesterday, and last night was the first time I was able to crank it up. The before and afters are below:












And now, lady's and gentlemen; I give you The Bandit:







Now THAT's a hot rod. Think she'll fetch $725 now?


That is AWESOME!!! I am officially jealous!

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Sooo....here's my '84 Studio in Ebony named "Chele" because a previous owner scratched the name "Michele" in her back. A previous owner changed the tuning keys to Schallers and I recently changed pups from stock to Sheptone AB and this thing sounds awesome now! BTW, got her off Craigslist for $550.


Update: Purchased another Studio, a '93 in Alpine White that has turned a nice cream color from yellowing laquer. Also a Craigslist find, $650.











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lets start.

This is my Les Paul Studio Lite made on:14 December 1993 in Nashville Tenesee

I got it from my uncle. I was blown away by that. But it was broken.

the entire neck was basically torn off from the body.

and it was screwed on to a wooden base and hung on the wall.

I didnt have the money to get it repaired. So i did it myself.

First gleuing and clamping.

Then i inserted a screw becuase the gleu wouldnt hold on its own. But thatnks to the filler you cant see that anymore :D.

Then filling and sanding. masking. and a couple layers of spray paint and semi gloss finish.

i ended up with this. I give you: Cecilia

post-35353-017388800 1315083239_thumb.jpg

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My Studio flip-flop blue.






YY = 01 = 2001


DDD = 155 = June 4th


RRR = 388 = Nashville, TN, production number 88


I've only ever seen one other of this limited run colour scheme,(although it looks like there are at least another 87 :-)) and that was years ago on a trip to New York where some 10year old kid was on stage in the Red Lion pub in Greenwich Village where he was leading an otherwise mature-aged blues band.

post-34000-058326500 1315378821_thumb.jpg

post-34000-035580900 1315379703_thumb.jpg

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