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Awesome thread! So many great looking studios in here. This is my first Gibson - after years of being a strat guy I'm 100 percent converted. So, for my 1st post I present my 60's tribute:




Great guitar. Congratz on coming over to Gibson side. Now you've got to get one with humbuckers [biggrin]

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OK, here we go again. Most people have already seen this before, but here's my 2004 Studio Plus.

I love it without an ounce of Standard envy <img src='http://forum.gibson.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/eusa_listen.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-"' />




Notice the SG in the reflection?





What happened to the back of that thing!

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I recently bought a used 2010 LP Studio '50's Tribute in Honeyburst, with P90's. It took me a few tries to really fine tune the set up, but it is a really great player and a beautiful guitar. I hand polished the top and I love the look and feel of it, especially the '50's neck. The sounds it makes are just what I wanted.

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Not really although truthfully since I purchased that black and gold amp on top the 5150 rarely gets turned on any more. That new Marshall is unbelievable.


Well, if you ever get to Texas, tell me! I might be in a position to take it off your hands after our house is rebuilt. Got burned out in August... -Rod-

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Well, I posted a thread on here a few months ago about a Studio that I have that I couldn't sell for $725. I was told that because it had 'Seymour Duncans" and not original pickups, that it wasn't worth jack.


Naturally, I thought this advice was moronic. To prove my point, I kept the guitar and added MORE non-Gibson hardware. I added Tone-Pros locking bridge and tailpiece, Faber locking posts, Sperzel locking tuners, Graphtech saddles and miscelanous other hardware. I just got it finished yesterday, and last night was the first time I was able to crank it up. The before and afters are below:












And now, lady's and gentlemen; I give you The Bandit:







Now THAT's a hot rod. Think she'll fetch $725 now?






Did you have to bore larger holes to sperzel tuners?

BTW Nice guitar :D (Sorry for my english i'm from Greenland [cool] )

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I removed the pickguard and I think it looks even more gorgeous! keep it that way?




Hello Wild_Rose! Your guitar is beautiful (I think I've already said this). I'd put that pickguard back. I think it not only looks better that way, but more importantly it prevents the guitar from being sratched badly by the pick. On these darker colored intruments, those marks are so visible. I had a black Studio once and it was so disappointing to see these ugly scratches. Best wishes to Hellas! Cheers... Bence

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But you play the guitar not the pickguard...


Scratches = Natural MOJO


If your afraid to scratch the guitar maybe its the wrong instrument?


Hello Guitarest! I got Your point, but I like to keep my guitars in mint condition. Why? Because I much more appreciate the intrument itself than I'll ever be able to play. :D Cheers... Bence

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