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When you look at the current Gibson site, the color of yours (and mine) doesn't match either the worn cherry or worn brown; it is somewhere in between. IMHO, yours leans more towards the brown. Mine is more slanted towards the cherry.

Mine is a 2008 and know that they are Burstbucker Pros for neck and bridge pups. Nice axe! msp_thumbup.gif



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My new (1 month old) Les Paul Studio Tribute 50s with Humbuckers, Honeyburst with dark back, Toasted Maple fingerboard.

So far, extremely satisfied. And no problems of flakes with the dark finish.


Here are some pictures:



By franeksplit at 2011-12-29


Its dark back:



By franeksplit at 2011-12-29


Of course no binding:



By franeksplit at 2011-12-29


Its Toasted Maple fingerboard:



By franeksplit at 2011-12-29



By franeksplit at 2012-01-11

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Hellow everybody!

Who can tell what's the difference between Gibson Les Paul Studio of 2007, 2008 and 2009 year production? What is the difference in sound? For example, between Gibson Les Paul Studio Ebony HR 2007 and Gibson Les Paul Studio WC 2009? Атв вo all LP Studio have inside voids? Or only some of them?

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I love the look of this guitar very unusual [thumbup]

... there is many computed tomography units on that planet. and every single one would see it the very same way!





PS: I love just because of the sweet sounds it makes. I don´ care about the looks...

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I haven't read all the threads and maybe this question has already been answered, but how does a LP studio stand up against the standard and customs LP's from a purely tone point of view.


I have a 90's LP studio which admittedly I hardly play (prefer acoustics) but was always wondering if the studio is a significant compromise to the standard and custom LP's.


Can anybody offer their perspective?


The Studio IS a Gibson Les Paul guitar, minus the hand labor intensive binding and in some cases the high polish on the surface. I have previously owned several old ('60's and '70's) Les Paul Customs, and I now own a 2010 Studio '50's Tribute P90. I found that the Studio is every bit as great as the old Customs and I find I prefer the simple style of the Studio...Mine is a Honeyburst andI have lightly hand polished the top. It looks to me very much like the late 1950's LP Model that the guitarist in my band from the mid 1960's played, and it has a fine feel to it...it is a beautiful sounding and playing guitar, and to me it looks absolutely fantastic. People say the wood is not as good on the Studio's as on the high end models, but my information states that it is exactly the same. All that is missing is some of the fancy looking touches.



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