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As it seems to be the custom, here is my Studio, or should I say was...




I say was because after owning it for two days I discovered the fumes (not the smell, but the actual fumes) of the nitro finish caused me a migraine so it has had to go back and got exchanged for a Gretsch. I was (and am still) very gutted that I had to take it back, for the short ime I had it I was very happy with it's feel, look and tone, it was just poisoning me!


It's not a complete tale of woe, however. I have had a chat with Gibson and a few luthiers who do Nitro finishing and they all seem to be of the impression that I need to get one that is about five years old as this will have given the nitro coat plenty of time to settle. So I am now on the look out (when I can afford it) for a 2010 ish model. And then I'll be back...


Quick question, do all the studio faded's have the BurstBucker Pros in? If not, when did they start putting them in?

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Here's my Studio...     Flight959

LP 50`s Tribute Humbucker Rosewood fretboard:      

OK, here we go again. Most people have already seen this before, but here's my 2004 Studio Plus. I love it without an ounce of Standard envy :-     Notice the SG in the reflection?  

Posted Images

My Studio in the middle of my LP Special and LP Junior. Had the Studio from new when I got it back in 1998 and it still is a pleasure to play. I've gigged it numerous times, but looked after it so it still looks fairly mint except for marks on the back. Mine had a 50's rounded neck which I love and sounds sweet to this day. They really are great guitars. It was my first Gibson, so has a very special place in my collection.



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Hi all. Just joined the Studio club.


After a lot decision making I decided to go for the 2016 Studio T, Just got it last night. I am extremely happy my first Gibson guitar. The tone is incredible and really impressed overall it's solid and set up perfectly.








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Well, I posted a thread on here a few months ago about a Studio that I have that I couldn't sell for $725. I was told that because it had 'Seymour Duncans" and not original pickups, that it wasn't worth jack.


Naturally, I thought this advice was moronic. To prove my point, I kept the guitar and added MORE non-Gibson hardware. I added Tone-Pros locking bridge and tailpiece, Faber locking posts, Sperzel locking tuners, Graphtech saddles and miscelanous other hardware. I just got it finished yesterday, and last night was the first time I was able to crank it up. The before and afters are below:












And now, lady's and gentlemen; I give you The Bandit:







Now THAT's a hot rod. Think she'll fetch $725 now?


My studio is exactly the same as your black one. Everytime I try and post a picture it says it'/s too big though

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