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Funny you say that, I was reintroduced to guitar about 10 years ago when we were at a party

and one of my daughters friend had a First Act. I picked it up, tuned it and now I play at least

an hour a day.

You have the right idea about giving her a solid musical foundation.



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Well' date=' I posted a thread on here a few months ago about a Studio that I have that I couldn't sell for $725. I was told that because it had 'Seymour Duncans" and not original pickups, that it wasn't worth jack.


Naturally, I thought this advice was moronic. To prove my point, I kept the guitar and added MORE non-Gibson hardware. I added Tone-Pros locking bridge and tailpiece, Faber locking posts, Sperzel locking tuners, Graphtech saddles and miscelanous other hardware. I just got it finished yesterday, and last night was the first time I was able to crank it up. The before and afters are below:












And now, lady's and gentlemen; I give you The Bandit:







Now THAT's a hot rod. Think she'll fetch $725 now?

Looks Great!! How fast will it go? Just kidding. You really did a great job!!

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Sorry to be so late joining the Club !


Here's mine in a Club around Jan., 2010. The side fills were total overkill, the drummer owned WAY too much p.a. gear, one reason I left that Band.


That's my 339 sitting next to it. People b1tch about Gibson a lot, I guess I'm just lucky. Mine are all exceptional guitars.


Best to ya.





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Awesome Studios!


Here's mine: '09 Studio Mahogany in Faded Black. I can't believe how great the cheapest USA Lesters feel! Unbelievable bang-for-buck.


I've added Grovers with a Hipshot D-tuner and have a TonePros locking stopbar on the way. The Mahogany cap definitely makes things darker, though the classic bark is still there. The 490R and 498T are fine pups, but I'm thinking the Iommi's bite could get me closer to where I want to be. I love the 60's slim neck over the '59 that I found on most of the other Studios I played at GC that day. The rosewood's got some nice figuring and the frets, though not polished, were perfectly straight. Very little set-up needed for low, crystal clear buzz-free action. I can't believe how resonant these chambered Pauls can be! My previous experience was with the 12+lb 70's ones we'd get for $500 in the 90's.


It still smells like raw Mahogany, too! Weird or normal?


Proud to join the club!





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I like the fact that you changed the tuning keys' date=' now install some top hat knobs and it will be badass![/quote']


You know I went to GC Friday to buy a new one and they just got this used one in. The sales guy pointed out the fact that the previous owner put Grover tuners on it and that it had a Gibson hard shell case with it. I looked it over and other than a couple of very minor dings that were hard to see it looked like new. It was priced at $599 and I asked if they would take $550 for it and include a set-up and a set of new strings, they accepted and I'm a happy camper.


Felt like it was a no-brainer deal??? Don't the worn studio's come with a gig bag??


I love these Burstbucker pup's.....they blow my strat away when it comes to overdrive/distortion.


I like the speed knobs but have been looking at the top hats....will they fit the shafts and sit flush to the body??

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