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Love a Studio thread so here's my studio premium+ in amber finish.



I have the same LP Studio Premium Plus in Amber. I did swap out for original pups for DiMarzio PAF® 36th Anniversary Neck DP103 model guitar pickup and DiMarzio PAF® 36th Anniversary Bridge DP223.


These pups sound great...and since I decided I wanted to keep the covers off ...I went with all black appointments. I think it turned out great with all the black. I also changed the original to a bone nut


Question on if you guys think it is lame to swap the truss rod cover to one that says LP Custom. I am not worried that mine is a "lowly" studio, but felt that I had done so much to the guitar...it is a custom now. LAME?





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I don't suppose it's sad news, just news, but I traded off my LP Studio Satin. Honestly, being a person who has little need for humbuckers, and preferring the Epi Dot humbucker tone on the one I recently got, it didn't make sense to keep the Gibby. After all the BS I went through with Musician's Friend over the return and taking 3 months to get a refund on shipping, I guess I look back on it as something less than a pleasant experience. Not that the LP that I eventually got from Guitar Center had a single thing wrong with it, it was just a tone to tone comparative thing and the Dot won.


So, I'm in the market for something else...

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Hi all! This is my first post. Just joined the forum. Thought I'd start here in the Studio Club since I am a Studio owner. I have been enjoying all of the pictures posted in this thread. Some really beautiful guitars! I especially like the burst models. Below are some pictures of my 1990 Studio. There's nothing really unique about it except maybe the ebony fretboard. There doesn't seem to be a lot of them in combination with the wine red finish. I am the original owner and still have the original receipt. I paid $535.00 plus tax for it at a local music store back in 1990. I wouldn't take twice that much for it now. Well...maybe. But only if I were going to put it toward a new ice tea traditional or something. [love]






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"between 1999-2000 even their body got slimmed and with the 1/4 ? size crown inlays. it was the worst version of the studio and seemed to be ending its life anytime. they were pretty unpopular ofcourse."


I don't know about this. I have a 1999 Studio that I bought brand new, and honestly I wouldn't trade it for any of the Studios that are available today. Not that there is anything wrong with the new ones... I just don't see where there is any problem with the 1999-2000 models. Anyone else with an opinion?

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Hello all. So I guess I'm now a member of the Les Paul family after defecting from the SG family. I recently bought an SG standard and it has a neck problem and the dreaded G-String issue. In stead of dumping more money into it I returned it and picked up the LP. I was torn between the two to start with so I hope this was a sign that it was meant for me to have the LP. Here's some pics of my love.



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I haven't read all the threads and maybe this question has already been answered, but how does a LP studio stand up against the standard and customs LP's from a purely tone point of view.


I have a 90's LP studio which admittedly I hardly play (prefer acoustics) but was always wondering if the studio is a significant compromise to the standard and custom LP's.


Can anybody offer their perspective?

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