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2016 HUMMINGBIRD VINTAGE question on top wood construction?

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I own a 2016 Hummingbird Vintage.  The one with the cooked top.  during this year of production were these guitars made with ONE PIECE of solid spruce for the top?  mine looks likes it's made of two pieces glued together.  You can see in the pics that I've uploaded, it looks like there is a seem.  it also looks like since they used a very thin Nitro Finnish, that it seems to be settling into the seam or  cracking?  should i be worried?  guitar has always been kept at the right humidity and in the case !!



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Two piece tops, Birdman, so it would only be good to avoid dramatic swings in the conditions with which your bird lives. Also, the nitro finish sinks into torrefied wood differently. Wood treated with torrefaction is supposed to be more stable, but let's try not test that. 

The finishes on these are supposed to be thin, so this would be unlikely, but are those finish cracks in the treble bout, or just scratches:



Also would be curious to know if you've found your HB Vintage to have opened up after these few years (?) 

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I don't know of any acoustics by any maker who use one piece top. Two piece is the norm.

The area were you marked the center seam, and the two halfes are visible, shows what is called runout. It's perfectly normal and occurs when the two halves of the top reflect the light ever so slightly differently. If you turn the guitar upside down, the dark and light areas will be reversed.

Lacquer thins over time, so it sinking into the pores of the wood is also normal. 

That is a very fine looking guitar!


P.S. great version of Desolation Row!

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