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Classic Club, Anyone?


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How heavy is that?


My dealer had a couple of them and they were crazy light - like Balsa wood or Styrofoam!

Played cool' date=' sounded fine, but super light.


They were the first GOTW's he got in.

I got my LP Deluxe Antique Goldtop from him, they were GOTW #8.[/quote']


It's definitely lighter than Les Pauls of the 50's & 60's. The chambering is what does it, but you probably already know that. I haven't actually weighed it, but I played a 2008 Standard last night and it felt about the same.


I used to have a Gold Top Deluxe that was a lot heavier. I like the lighter feel of my Classic Antique. Good for my back. Did I just say that, man I'm getting too old...

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Are you from Oklahoma?

I know you were refering to somebody else, thought I would let you know I'm thru there all the time.

Finished school in Chickasha (after growing up in SW Kansas) and my Dad lives south of Tulsa.

Had the fastest car in town - my 66 Mustang.


Drank alot of beer, boinked alot of girls, got well acquainted with the cops in OK in the early 80's.

Went to a million concerts at the zoo, Lloyd Noble Arena in Norman and the Myriad downtown...

My family has been in the oil biz since World War II.

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Where's jrseriel been lately?


He doesn't have to stay away ya know.

Everybody is welcome in a public forum, all that's required is to remain somewhat civil.


Wonder if he ever learned his Bowling For Soup chops?

Anybody remember this?


I expect jrseriel to know every lick this guy plays before Saturday night' date=' and know them RIGHT....


[ Dead link, no pic ']


This should be fun.



Well, here's a live link.




I guess that might keep him busy, especially for a young guy without much experience as a guitar virtuoso....


Come on back jrseriel!

I dunno, maybe he's thawing out his guitar.

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