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Do you name your guitars?


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I've never been a person who names their objects. I have no names for my cars, guns or guitars. Many people I know do. In fact my wife has even tried to get me to name my LP. She suggested Ruby. I have no idea why she choose Ruby. I've really never seen a reason.


Who names their stuff, why, and what are the names? More interested in the why.

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It always seemed like a good idea, hell even my son has a named guitar in our house. His is 'The Kraken', and comes complete withe a cool paint job. At least he thinks it's cool.


It seems to come up at least once a week. My kids, wife even our drummer tries to name my LP. Nothing sticks with me, and let's face it it's mine so only my opinion matters.

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I never had done previously (and I've been playing 33 years) but this one acquired the name Marmalade.


It was probably my daughter's fault. Yes - let's blame her. She wanted to call it 'Shere-Khan' after the tiger in 'The Jungle Book' but as I'd seen many tops more worthy of such a noble title I had to come up with an alternative epithet.


It was probably at breakfast-time......


OK, Mea Culpa. It was because these '95s have a marked orange/ginger tinge and as marmalade is a bittersweet confiture with dark-orange stripes from the rind set in a light-orange of the jelly it seemed apposite.


(The Shere-Khan bit is true, though.)


Incidentally, I believe this colour is now known as 'Stanleyburst' after the ex-Paul Stanley LP on the cover of 'The Beauty of the 'Burst'.


Thank Goodness I didn't know that then, otherwise it may have been called 'Stanley' : not cool.

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Extract: -



Hey Guys.


I finally got my First Run Robot in October last year, a momentous occasion after a long wait and some serious grovelling to the better half.


Whilst looking at her hanging on the wall (a rare moment that I wasn't playing her) I decided that she needed a name. This, after all, is a guitar that i'm going to own for quite a while.


Prior to her, I've owned two LP Standards and an SG, but I had never felt the urge to name any of them. They where all amazing guitars, but not a patch on my GOR.


A few things where factored in to naming process, the first being that she is Robot.

This got me thinking along the lines of Seven of Nine (Star Trek) and Pris (Blade Runner), but on the realisation that i'm not a fan of Star Trek (each to their own tho!) and that it's not going to be considered very cool if start talking about the ultimate guitar and sci-fi in the same sentence, I decided this wasn't the path to take. This left me with the simple rule that she was not to have a retro name (Excalibur, Elanor, Lucille), but a newer, modern name, to fit with her persona.


The second criteria was down to my strap.

This seems like a good point to mention I was given some good advice once - never pay over the odds for something that can be replaced with a thick peice of string. However, this is a damn nice strap.

It's Duesenberg branded, extra long, and made of black leather. It was also factored in as it was a birthday present from my parents a few years back, so sentiment played a part (I used to own a Duesenberg 49er - damn fine guitar, incase you wondered).

The strap has a raised chrome Duesenberg 'D' about 6" up from the button, which draws the eye nicely. This, I thought, would need some explaing every time someone asked about it, and no doubt result every time in me being lectured that I should have a Gibson strap to go with my Gibson guitar.

So to satisfy my urge to name her (and to avoid stupid comments) it seemed like the answer to don her with a handle that started with the letter D.


Now to the exciting part.


After Donna, Dina, Davina, Dee etc etc etc, I settled on a name.


Darla! (waits for hysterical laughter).


It may not be to everyones taste, but I like the name, and that's what i'm sticking to!



This brings me to the whole point of this post... What have you named your guitar, and why? There's gotta be some pretty interesting anecdotes out there!


Cheers for now,



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I thought about naming my guitars once, but decided against it: The only names that came to mind were things like "Cruel Mistress", "Mommy Dearest" and "The Tormentor", because they make me suffer, and never do what I want them to do...

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