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Gibson Style Neck Profiles


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This from 2015 still seem to relatively accurate showing the majority of the current neck shapes.


Les Paul Standards and 50's style usually have C profiles while the other Les Paul models seem to hover around a slim taper neck.

While I looking at different neck profiles I stumbled across this Epiphone Les Paul Modern below has a lot of weight relief and a unusual neck, which seems to be the same on the Gibson Les Paul Modern..


The Epiphone Modern Les Paul has an Asymmetrical SlimTaper with Modern contoured heel.


I haven't seen this heel treatment before on a LP, I guessI haven't seen everything.

For other than current model information see these links....

Gibson Legacy Archive.....

Unofficial Epiphone Wiki Archive....

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8 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

Looks like a volute also on that bottom pic

Yes it does, I think quite a few Epi models will have scarf joints until they run out of old neck stock, maybe.. My new 339 has a scarf joint, nicely do though, but my Wilshire doesn't.. 🙂

7 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

 I don't the the neck shape called baseball bat.

I don't "like" those either, but I do "like" the rounded C neck on 339 and Wilshire.. 🙂

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