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Seeking info about this Firebird Custom Shop

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So here is the story of my long journey into this firebird.  Earlier this year a youtube channel did a give away for a 1990 Firebird V custom shop. Of course I didn't win but I have been obsessed with finding another one of these exact models for sale because I have to have one. I accidentally ran into the guy who won it on reddit and he said he had contacted Gibson and they said it was a one off guitar and that they couldn't tell him what the color was called because apparently it either hadn't been named or they couldn't find any record of it. But as you see from the pictures I provided I have found other 1990 Firebirds that have the pearl pickguard and seem to be the same guitar just different color. To be clear it is the green one I want and am looking for. The serial number is 92300756. So I was hoping that maybe the person who answered his question didn't have all of the info and maybe there is someone on the custom shop forum that works for Gibson that either built these or knows more of the story behind them. Gibson also told him they possibly think its a frost blue that faded into a different color but I just don't see it. To me it looks more to be a cross between kerry green and inverness green. So is there anyone who knows what this color is called or if there are more of these out there? I very much appreciate your help. 

Also, I have thought of the possibility that it is a kerry green or inverness green guitar. Because obviously the paint isnt mixed the same every time I have seen guitars labeled with the same color but looked very different. Maybe this just got a more vibrant mix? I am not sure if you are able to tell from the pics but the videos posted of this guitar show a very slight burst on the outside of the guitar where the color looks a little bit lighter when you see it in a certain light or at different angles. Thought it may be worth mentioning. 










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