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Stains i can't get rid off

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I have recently notice some weird stains on my Gibson SG which i can't see to get rid of, I cleaned my guitar with Dunlop but no luck on removing.
The stains are only visible from some angles. but i still would like to get it off

(its hard to make a picture of, but you can definitely some weird disruptive spots)

Link to pictures:





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Because that's what the picture looks like to me doesn't mean it is that, keep that in mind.

How old is this thing?  Do you take it out and gig it?  

If so, is that haze, for lack of a better word, always there, or will it go away if it sits on the stand in the living room for a day or two?


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It's pretty old already, 2014.

Unfortunately noticed it a few weeks back. The guitar is hanging my room for at least 5 years, but it still being played and cleaned.

So I think it will be some kind of liquid that has damaged the clean coat. Not very noticeable only a shame for the wood. Still plays awesome

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On 12/29/2020 at 4:29 PM, Pieter said:

It's pretty old already, 2014.

NAH!!!!!!!  She's still a pup!

No idea what would cause that, does seem like it's under the clear coat, hard to tell with the picks what's reflection and what's the problem.

not that I'm expert on the matter, but I would opine that moisture was introduced before that clear coat was put on.  Not that gibson warranties the finish (never have, never will), but I'm almost of the mind that's a factory thing???  

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