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1976 Crestwood Archtop E-175

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Made in Japan. Very nice too.  Looks similar to Ibanez or Antoria of the same vintage.

The name seems to have been bought and sold a few times, currently a range of budget acoustics.


I found this -


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Thanx for your reply jdgm.

Here's closeup of the serial number.

Is it possible it's made in Korea? Epiphone serial number check indicates it might be Korea 1976.

What do you think?





Also, why does neck pickup look upside down?? Does it matter??








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Yes it could be Korean.   Certainly mid 70s or a bit later.  I suppose the K at the start of the serial number might be a clue....[smile]

The pickup may have been reversed by a previous owner?   You'll be able to tell easily - unscrew the pickup surround and lift the pickup and surround out.  There should be enough length of wire in there to turn it around. I would turn it if so.  If it was turned around it is likely the wire(s) coming out of the pickup will be on the side away from the controls and won't have too much slack. 

It won't make a great deal of difference to the sound if the pickup is turned round; except it won't sound any better IMO, and possibly a bit thinner in the mid-position..

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