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Dunno what strings I had on it but after not playing it for a couple of weeks picked it up and resumed trying to learn the Fahey version of In Christ there is no East or West, poorly.  However the sound is amazing!  Woody, yet clear and deep.  Just deep happiness listening to it despite my fumbling

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Some strings just sound good when they're fresh (not any for me, though), but many times there is a very cool transformation in their sound after they've been on the guitar for a while.

Always good to keep the install date and any random information written on the string packet- it can help decide if they're a good match for that guitar, or help you decide if they're just too old now.

EDIT: or maybe your humidity dropped a good bit since the last time you got that guitar out? 

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I’m very impressed with mine. I only had two issues, the truss rod was creaking when I adjusted it so I removed the nut and put a drop of oil on it and it worked great. The second was the tuners. They looked good but were unbranded and didn’t work very well. Creaked when tightening and didn’t hold well.   I replaced them with Waverly’s.  

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