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Identifying Gibson ES 175D

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I have a Gibson ES 175D I am prepping for sale. It is in pretty good condition and I believe it is an early 70s model. The serial number is etched on the headstock is a bit difficult to read but is either 135406 or 136406. (See attached). I was hoping someone might help me nail this down.
In addition the guitar is in really excellent condition. Exceptions are that it was used a lot so some belt scratches in the clear coat and some minor scratches here and there as to be expected. A;; parts are original except the pickguard is missing. Any thoughts on optimizing value before selling are welcome. Should I go ahead and find an original pickguard ($400 to $500) or will that not increase value commensurately? Should I go ahead and get the scratches buffed and cleaned off? And advice is welcome.


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Well those machine  heads are not original!  You still have the screw holes and marks from the original Kluson-type machines there.

I don't think an 'original' pickguard is worth getting, or that it would increase the value by that much.   A custom-made repro guard is just as good.



Obviously the better and cleaner the guitar looks, the more it will be worth.

Good luck.

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