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Identifying Gibson ES 175D

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I have a Gibson ES 175D I am prepping for sale. It is in pretty good condition and I believe it is an early 70s model. The serial number is etched on the headstock is a bit difficult to read but is either 135406 or 136406. (See attached). I was hoping someone might help me nail this down.
In addition the guitar is in really excellent condition. Exceptions are that it was used a lot so some belt scratches in the clear coat and some minor scratches here and there as to be expected. A;; parts are original except the pickguard is missing. Any thoughts on optimizing value before selling are welcome. Should I go ahead and find an original pickguard ($400 to $500) or will that not increase value commensurately? Should I go ahead and get the scratches buffed and cleaned off? And advice is welcome.
Pics of the guitar can be seen here: https://idg-partners.com/gibson-175/


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a repro pickguard will do the job i think- i dont think you could include the cost of replacing an original pickguard without people then talking you down or saying you're overpriced. Plus that's a guitar that someone may prefer not have a guard on it so why bother. 

As for the scratches and condition- leave them be. way better to have it show wear commensurate with its age than have someone homebrew a buff job onto it and maybe screw something up. 


Looks great! 175s seem to be pretty hot right now, good time to sell. 

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Your dating seems correct. I would do something about those tuners.

Most I've seen have these Gibson branded metal tulips. The extra holes and footprints on your guitar shows something else like shown at bottom.



  • Gibson Serial Numbers, early to mid 1970's.
    • All models, stamped in back top of headstock. "MADE IN U.S.A." stamped below the serial number in back top of peghead, in the same size type, and on two lines with "U.S.A." below the "MADE IN":
      Number          Year
      ------          ----
      6 digits + A    1970
      000000's        1973
      100000's        1970-1975
      200000's        1973-1975
      300000's        1974-1975
      400000's        1974-1975
      500000's        1974-1975
      600000's        1970-1972, 1974-1975
      700000's        1970-1972
      800000's        1973-1975
      900000's        1970-1972
      A + 6 digits    1973-1975
      B + 6 digits    1974-1975
      C + 6 digits    1974-1975
      D + 6 digits    1974-1975
      E + 6 digits    1974-1975
      F + 6 digits    1974-1975



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Like Dave F said, it lands somewhere between 1970 - 1975. You could pinpoint it a little closer if you could read one of the pot codes with a dental mirror or a WiFi Borescope etc..... Example of a pot code 1377234. 137=CTS (manufacturer), 72=year pot was produced & 34=week of year produced.

The 2021 VG Price Guide lists it at 1970-1979 Various colors.    Low-$2,600 High-$3,350.  Going by that, pinpointing the exact year won’t impact the value between 1970-1975. You can also watch eBay & Reverb to see what they actually sell for.

The tuners were changed from the original Kluson tuners to Schaller tuners. This could lower the value a bit.

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From what I’ve seen, I don’t think the TOM bridge (which is on backwards ) was original to the guitar. I think they had rosewood bridges at that time. But I’m no expert. I think I would do a little more research before I make a statement that it’s all original. Like mentioned before, check the pots. 

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Both the volute and the TOM . were added to the ES 175D in 1976.

So you've got the date as close as you have to for value.

The Tom may have been a dded around  the same time as the tuners, as both would have been thought at the time as upgrades

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