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Spirit GT-Pro Intonation Issues


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New to the forum but figured this would be the best place to find support since I’m not getting an answer through Gibson’s website. 

I am attempting to intonate my guitar (using 9’s), and find that I need to push the 6th string roller saddle all the way back towards the end of the guitar to get it close (but still not enough travel to get it correctly intonated). Problem is that the set screw now doesn’t have anything to push against and protrudes in front of the saddle. Any suggestions on what I may need to do to get this solved?  Picture attached. 



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Thanks for your reply. Yes, the posts appear to be slightly bent.

Is there a proper and permanent cure for this condition?

I know it costs as much as the guitar itself, but do you know anything about the MGR-Designs replacement bridge?

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Thanks again for your replies.

I found a tech who knows what he's doing with these. 

Turns out the posts were fine, it just needed new strings and a proper setup. Plays and sounds better than it did when new.

Also learned that, opposite to what I'd been led to believe, you CAN use the calibrated (Transtrem) strings on the R-Trem, just not the other way around.

That allows me to use the D'Addario set. WAY better sounding than the Steinberger strings I'd used for years that Gibson/Epiphone has been out of forever.

Would've been nice if they'd answered my emails about what strings to use in lieu of their OS situation.

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