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Should I get a 61 SG Standard

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I have a 2009 SG standard and a 2019 Les Paul Standard 60's version.  The Les Paul and the 61 SG Share the same pickups I'm really really leaning towards picking up the 61 SG but I just don't know if there will be a ton of difference between the tones from 2009 SG with the 498T/490R and the 61T/61R in the 61.  Any advice would be appreciated, thank you all.

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The new SG will sound noticeably different with the 500K pots and different pickups. If you want the sound of the new one it would be easy to mod the old one that way. I’d go for something different altogether personally but multiple SGs certainly isn’t a bad thing

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On 1/16/2021 at 9:05 AM, CBenson89 said:

How muddy do you find the neck pickup?  I have the 61R/T in my Les Paul and the neck sounds real muddy IMO 

Not bad at all.  I think they kind of brighten up the SG compared to, like, a 57 Classic.  I like them with the SG.  They're not as edgy as most Burstbuckers.

If they're too muddy in your LP, they'll prob be similar in a SG, seeing as a LP usually has a little more snap than an SG.

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