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3 hours ago, j45nick said:


The good thing is that a guitar does not have to be "collectible" in order to be a really good musical instrument. My re-topped and otherwise non-stock 1950 may no longer be collectible in any true sense, but it is still a really nice musical instrument.

If you are looking for a player guitar rather than a collectible guitar, an LG-1 may be a good choice if you are looking for that dry, quick-decay effect that is often a part of great Americana and traditional music.

That's especially true if it comes at a great price. You get a vintage Gibson and a good guitar for less money than you would normally expect to pay.


I cut my teeth on a c 1960 LG-1.  Here is a demo of a 1959 LG- 1


1959 LG-1

Demo 59 LG-1, 46 LG-2, 42 LG-1

All LG recordings.  I have about 20 on vimeo over the years.

The other guitar you might look at is the CF-100 -- sort of a cutaway LG-2.
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