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Pickup covers for my LP classic 2020 pickups


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Be sure to measure the distance between the outside poles on each pickup to make sure the ones you buy will fit properly.  The ones on the Gibson website (see Rabs post) say the bridge pickup cover will fit any pickup that is 52mm and the neck 50mm.  I had a Translucent Cherry Classic and really like the way it looked without covers - that is the way Classics have been for many years.


I liked the way the zebra creme color matched the pickup rings, pick guard, poker chip, switch tip and binding - but to each his own.  I'm just saying if you can't find covers that fit the guitar looks pretty cool without any.

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A picture. Bought this one online in Germany, we are in an almost complete lockdown. Not the most attractive top but the seller assured me its a vibrant resonating guitar at 9 lbs, and the best sounding one he had in the store. It's all about trust and if that's not the case she'll be going back. The store is very reputable in Germany and the owners son builds acoustic guitars too.

One thing has struck me, is it normal that the high e string is so close to the edge of the fingerboard at the first positions?



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@wildebassman, nice looking electric guitar there.  Nothing I see looks bad.  Even the string spacing doesn't worry me.  Looks like the strings go over the pole pieces nicely...  Even up at the nut, doesn't look troublesome TBH.  You'll only know once you try it out though.  So hope it all works out for you.  Best wishes. 

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