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Ideas Anyone? Unknown acoustic seeks help.


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These snaps are of an acoustic I bought in a junk shop 30-odd years ago.


It didn't have a bridge but I liked the machines and it was going for $7.50.


I intended to use it as a slide guitar as the neck bows under steel-string tension and there is no means of adjustment.


Does anyone have any clues as to it's, well, anything?




The maker's name, which is branded on the rear of the peghead/neck area says 'A Di Maur', the brass machines are stamped 'SB' and that's it.


The top is solid and the f-holes were hand-carved.


I've done a google search and there's one (!) entry, which I'll add below;




On your marks, get set......

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Yes, The name on the back is misleading; the last part is an open-topped 'o'.


This gives me more to work on, such as;




I'm going to carry on for a bit...


Here's another...




Hmm.... my $7.50 seems to have been a bit of a bargain!


OK, last one I'll post...




I'm going to contact these guys as it is their area of specialist knowledge.


Keep up the good work!

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I do love a challenge.


My parents always said I was a challenge....


Thanks for your help!


I've sent an e-mail to someone at the Gypsy Guitar site.


Let's see what he comes up with!

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I have no idea' date=' just wanted to say that guitar is awesome-looking, just beautiful! I hope the neck issue is repairable. Best of luck with it.[/quote']


Thanks very much, brundaddy.


The neck isn't broken or even cracked; It just bows upwards a bit too much for it to be able to be set with a low-ish action.


Perhaps that's how Gypsys like them!?


According to one of the links in my second post they are selling the Di Mauro played by Django's rhythm guy.......

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There's a lot out there if you (I) get the spelling correct!


Here's a snap of Pat with his one.





TheLiveSoundGuy : I've just investigated the links on the link of the hendrix link and there's more info there than I thought I'd get in a week! Luckily, my French was equal to the final destination posting.


George Brassens was also a customer so - what with the Quintet du Hot Club de France connection - I move amongst (if admittedly, a fair bit below...) the giants of the whole French Jazz and Chanson scene.


Incidentally, check out the top headline on the left front cover; "S.R.Vaughan : A Rock Star is Born"....

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OK, last one for today.




This is Moreno. Moreno is as far as I know still alive and doing the jazz circuit in Paris (according to the hotclub website). He is a gypsy and has a style very much influenced by Django and all those guys. If you look closely you'll see he's only fretting with two fingers as well!


It's been a strange afternoon here. I started off with nothing except an old guitar and now it looks like I'll need to spend a small fortune having it properly restored......Oh well.


Perhaps I'll just put it back in the cupboard where it's lain for the last three decades and forget it.


I might wake up and find it's all been my imagination.

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