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Dan from USA


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Look forward to see and hear more. J-45's are among the finest acoustic instruments - which again rate the model as one of the cardinal points of this planet.  

                                                                                                         Have fun behind it, , , , ,



                                                                                                                                                                                                                    and in front while you enjoy its cool lines'n'burst

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Welcome.  I agree with J45nick that a regular old  J45 is a great way to start  cozying up with Gibsons. 

I lived in Edinburgh Scotland for a bit in the mid-1970s.  I used to hang out at the back of Sandy Bell's which is where all the local and out of town folkies  gathered.   I was hoping to pick up some some tips on playing fiddle but would often end up having a guitar thrown in my hands to play some blues.  

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38 minutes ago, GibsonDan said:

I know, can't get the darn thing to work.

Use Imgur to post pics. Copy and paste link where it says BBCode to the right of your uploaded pic on Imgur and bam. We see it.

Edited by Sgt. Pepper
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