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S-900 Repair

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks to "Guitar God" and the thread "Was there an Epiphone version/equivalent to this guitar?", I found out about the S-900 Epiphone, and ended up finding one nearby on Craigslist.  Now, comes the fun part.  The repair (I've learned that these have major failures with the Stienberg KB Tremolo).  I am going to order new parts from Bernd in Europe (know as Be.em on here), but there seems to be an additional twist that I haven't heard about yet; It looks like they routed out more wood underneath where one of the screws from the tremolo base screws in, so it's basically screwed into air.  I'm going to put some sort of wooden plug into that whole, and I wanted to ask you guys what you suggest for that part?


Here are some pics.  Enjoy.



s900 repair.jpg

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