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tuning issues, need some help


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That ping you hear might be your G or B strings releasing from a catch at the bridge or nut - that's a tune killer.


Are you playing light strings (9s)?


Is the ambient temp in you house cool enough to make a change in the tune (guitar is cool, you tune and play - heat up the guitar and then it's out of tune; or tune it warmed up and then set it down, it cools on your out of tune again) ? (or vice versa with ambient temp warm)

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welp, doesn't sound like temp variation is the cuprit and 10 shouldn't be stretching on you.


you might want to look into catches in your bridge saddles and the nut. Also look at how your winding your strings on to the peg heads and if your string ends are seating correctly in your end-stop/tail-piece


you mention Townsend, are you an aggresive strummer? If so, that could be easily checked with session of lighter strumming and see if the tune holds.

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