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Migrate from XP to Vista 64 bit ?


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I just paid for the upgrade from Ableton Lite to 7. I think it's a pretty decent deal at $300 and the Operator and Drum Machines come with it. Also, I can upgrade to Ableton 8 when it comes out for $60 (download) or $100 for the boxed set.


My question is this; Before I get too far into this, I have the Ableton Lite, Gibson Console, and the GR3 loaded onto Windows XP. Should I go ahead and reload everything on Vista 64 ? I have dual boot on my PC, where I have XP and Vista loaded. Just tryin to understand if Vista would be the better platform for me. Then I can do the upgrade to Ableton 7.


Thanx for your time guys n gals ! :-k

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The snafu is - you may have to uninstall from WinXP - then reinstall into Vista 64.


Its due to the NI Guitar Rig "Service manager" - which enables your license each time you run GR3. It may throw flags that you have a prior installation for your specific licence.


I would contact both Native Instruments AND Ableton support - to ask if you can run their app in a dual boot WinXP / Vista 64 configuration.


Also at this time only a limited number of VSTi and VST Plugins are 64bit compatible - you music carefully read the Vista Installation Quick Start - there is a one paragraph regarding Vista 64 - it instructs to install both 32 bit AND 64 bit VST folders - eating more hard drive space, etc.


IF it were me - I would stay in WinXP - wait a year for Windows 7 support.



or get a White Macbook !

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Been lookin into the refurb site you posted in one of the other links on the white MacBook. I think it's a great idea as I could use it live too, just can't afford it right now. I thought I saw the refurbs for around $1200 ?


I've been looking into a new IBM dual-core Thinkpad ($500), but it might not be as stable for live play.


You sold me on staying with the WinXP platform and I'll just go ahead and update my Ableton Lite to the 7 version.


Thanx for your time Steve...very appreciated my friend ! =D>

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