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A different Gibson, for somebody here I'm sure...

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Some nice guitars getting bought around here of late.

I've been seeing this thing for a couple weeks now, and today I got it down and took a whack at it so I could tell you guys about it and sell it.

2017 Gibson Modern Cut Custom.  It is Red.  A really nice Red.  Inked CS <digits> serial number, Gibson Custom markings on back, fancy volute thingy that goes halfway up the back of the head.  Grovers.

Nice neck.  Like, effing nice.  Slightly more narrow at the 1st than my last Les Paul Classic 60's, and slightly rounder all the way up, but just a nice handful.  Not chunky, not flat across the back, very little shoulder.

Nice inlays, all done well.  Nice rosewood, nice binding job.

Fantastic, flawless Red paint.  The pictures don't do it justice.  No nicks, no dings, no marks whatsoever.

Thinner than a Les Paul, slight tummy cut at the top back.  Nice mahogany, more on gold side than the red side of mahogany.

Don't know the pickups, I don't think they know either.  Crappy knobs that sit too high I'd have to fix that.  Chrome-y jack plate.

Could use my patented South Jersey white trash set-up.  I didn't even tune it I just flogged at it for a few minutes, plays nice.  Didn't plug it in, if you can't make that thing sound good whatever pickups are in it you should take up golf.

$2899.99, no case.  MAN if I was in the market for an expensive Gibson I'd be owning that sucker right now.  I figure one of you guys around here might want to talk to them about it, get it shipped to your store or whatever.

It's a little past 7pm here, they are open til 9, so get on it.


I'll be in the dining car when you want to write my 10% Finders Fee check.


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I like any kine DC.........


       DC Pro                                                                    Matsumoto DC                                                 LP Custom DC                                                       Modern DC

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I really like those guitars. 

The unique double cut shape, the single volume and single tone knobs, and the switch position. 
I love it all. 

And I just sold two guitars yesterday, so the temptation is strong. 
Thinking the black one or gold top might be more to my liking though. 

Wishing, like Rabs said, that they were not so Custom-Shop pricey. 



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