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New model... (Post by Gibson on Tweeter)


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About 4 hours ago Gibson Lifestyle on Tweeter posted the following;


http://twitpic.com/2gmes - new model...


The link takes you to this pic;



Someone tweeted Gibson and asked what it is. They replied;

Les Paul Florentine with Bigsby in vintage sunburst
in their reply they also had a link but it was broken and dosen't take you anywhere.


Don't think it would ever be my first choice but pretty don't you think?

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There was a gold top of this for sure...I remember it even had that nice gold-leaf design on the pickguard. I think I like this better though, looks like something Robbie Robertson would have played back in the Band days...had it existed of course.

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There's a link rotating at the top about the 2009 limited editions... there are some good-looking guitars in there... and some bad.


i'm guessing you like(ed) bionicle from the name pohatu.



anyway, where is the link rotating at the top because i cant see it

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