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Custom Shop 1961 SG vs USA SG Standard '61: how do the neck profiles compare?


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What the title says. How similar or different are the neck profiles of a Gibson Custom 1961 Les Paul SG Standard Reissue compared to a Gibson USA Original Collection SG Standard '61 or a R0 V2 neck?

My USA original collection (2019 SN) SG Standard '61 has a neck that in pure depth measurements are very similar to my V2 R0/G0. The difference is that the V2 R0/G0 have slimmer shoulders than the neck on my SG. I'm entertaining the idea of upgrading my original collection SG with a custom shop SG.

What's stoping me?  

  1. My SG sounds absolutely amazing. I can't get a bad tone out of it. It plays super well and it is only getting better the more I play it. 
  2. If the neck on the Custom Shop SG's are closer to a V3 R0 neck, than that's a bit deal breaker. A V2 R0 or a USA Slim Tapered neck is the slimmest I'm willing to go. If, like the R0, the Custom shop has less shoulders, than thats a win for the Custom Shop. Hence my post. 
  3. I own a Slash LP, a Standard '50s LP, a 60th Anniversary R9 and an R0/G0 so I know what an Gibson Custom brings to the table compared to its Gibson USA counterpart. I just think that lately the differences, although still there, are less than previous years and I conjecture that it is even less so on an SG. This last reason I added purely for completeness purpose, for I know only I can answer the question if it's worth it to me personally. 


My local music store don't have a Custom Shop SG in stock. However, then can have one shipped to the store for free and their return policy is fantastic. However, if I can avoid the whole process with simple feedback from people with experience with this particular model, than that's a win in my view.  

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