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My daughters both love the show "The Secret life of the American Teenager" or something like that. I've watched it a few times and it's pretty good I guess.... not as much drama as some but also not stupid like the average Disney teen sitcom.


One of the teenyboppers was knocked up tighter than a teddy bear throughout the whole season and she calved on the last show. They did a montage and used the song "Stand by Me" but obviously not Ben E. King in 1961. I told the girls, I bet when they run the credits it will have been sung by Taj Mahal and Fats Domino. Well, they didn't credit the song per se but they gave a website. Turned out to be something very cool and very unexpected. I invite all to check out the video. The performance is nothing short of spellbinding and the fact there's what looks like a J-100 featured throughout is just icing on the cake.


Enjoy this!


Playing for Change

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This was posted somewhere else and I replied, so sorry if a dupe...


Roger Ridley, whose awesome voice appears on the video, played at my subway stop when I lived in NY in the 90's. When my company transferred me to Vegas for a year, Roger got a role in a musical there called "Madhattan" and then when I moved to Santa Monica in the late 90's, Roger played on 3rd St. Promenade (which is what you see in the video). I was very sorry to hear of his passing a few years ago. What an awesome voice and what an awesome talent.

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It is arround us. It surrounds us...

Street musicians feel it (most of the time when they are not much dunk).

They can tell simple things in simple melody with smiple chords.

"Stand by me"...




In science trere is something called "analysis". Scientists analyse subjects... Pull down the fence of the subjests...

And analyse their particles...


In music (sometimes) street musicians do the contrarywise.


They make some kind of a synthesis.


With 3 words and 2 chords on a guitar they tell an ultimate truth.

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