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Im new here, but I've done some research and just wanted to say to all the Flame top lovers out there that the number of 1950's guitars with Flame Maple tops is much higher than the few that made it out of the factory. Reason being was it wasn't really looked at as this highly prized wood like it eventually became. They are PLENTY of Black Beauties and Gold Tops with gorgeous tops underneath. We will never know how many but Ive pesonally witnessed a Goldtop, I believe like a '55 - '57, completely stripped down for refinishing only to reveal like a nasty 3/4" tiger maple Flametop. Ill try to get some pics. I haven't seen my buddy in quite awhile but he has the whole project photographed. His aim was to put put a brand new Goldtop finish on it. Now its completely converted into a beautiful Lemon Drop Tiger Flametop. I really wonder how much flame wood Gibson actually used for Goltops and Beauties. I got in touch with Gibson and they said its super rare which is great news for my buddy because now its worth a small fortune because the serial # dictates a Goldtop. Its probably the only LP to be stripped of the original finish and be worth so much more. You guys will have your jaw hanging if I can get some of his pics uploaded. Cheers

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