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Gibson buys Mesa Boogie...

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Shouldn't be - they aren't Gibson amps.  They are Mesa Boogie amps and Gibson owns the company, but the brand is still Mesa.  If you click on the "Gibson buys Mesa" section on the site (before you would get to the forums) there is a pretty extensive description of the amps but I couldn't get any of the videos to play.   But so far see nothing in the forums section dedicated to Mesa. 

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Technically, Stanton, Steinberger, Epiphone, and Kramer are their own companies yet are owned by Gibson. I guess if these other Gibson acquisitions have a dedicated section on the forum perhaps Mesa should as well. Maybe just a link to the Boogie Board forum. I would say that Mesa is just as iconic a brand as these others if not more so.

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Just now, Sgt. Pepper said:

If you go to Gibson's site on the home page right below Capt. Kirk there is a nice pic of a Mesa/Boogie. Click on the work Mesa /Boogie and it goes to the site.

Opps no pic of the the amp just the words Gibson+Mesa Boogie.

But its in between Captain Kirk and Slash.

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