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Clueless need help!!Have no idea what it is I have Guitar wise!!!!


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My dad has given me a Bass Guitar that has Gibson written on the front and made in Japan written on the back, I have no idea what this is, if it’s genuine or what it is worth if anything at all....I am based in the UK and would be greatful for anyone with any knowledge on this stuff to point me in the right direction, I’ve added some photos underneath

thank you very much

clueless female in britain

Sammi 😊

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Hi Sammi

From what you have written and looking at the pics, it is a Japanese-made copy of a Gibson EB0 bass and (unfortunately) not a real USA-made Gibson. 

Because it has Gibson on the headstock it might be considered counterfeit if you were to sell it on ebay, though I suppose you could mask the logo off and plead ignorance.

Value is really whatever someone will pay for it - hard to say - £100-ish? Not much more.  If it plays ok someone will like it.

Best wishes.

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Any guitar with Gibson on the head stock, and stamped that reads made any thing but Made In USA, is not authentic.

So what you have there is a copy of what looks to be an EB0 Bass

It's most likely  a bolt on neck, as most of those copies did.  (but flip it over and take a pic if you're so inclined)

It's monetary value is minimal.


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