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J-45 - I'm having some sort of 'anti' fret buzz? Help

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So, i'm familiar with fret buzz, a couple of my guitars do this to a varying degree (talking about acoustics here).

However, I just got a j45 acoustic via reverb and there's a new issue I haven't dealt with. each and every single fret I 'hit' or 'slam' or barely even press down on I can here the string physically, and singularly hit the metal fret. so when I hit an individual note, even softly, it creates extra noise. To be clear, there's no buzzing when playing chords, even picking notes in quick succession, but when playing slow individual notes, somethings' not right.

Am I describing this correctly? Is the action at the saddle of bridge just too low? the action when playing feels great

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Naturally the steel string is physically coming into contact with the top of the fret when depressing. Depending on how hard you slam the string down, or how high the action is, this can very well result in an undesirable sound. What is the action like at the 12th fret? How old are the strings?

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Have you changed the strings since it arrived? If you're used to using strings such as Elixirs or similar coated wires, something like fresh 80/20s may sound a little clanky against recently polished frets in comparison. 

My recommendation would be to treat it to a new set of your usual strings, and see how differently you feel once they've been played in. I'd bet the farm that it's unfamiliar strings throwing you off.

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