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Weekend Game (a topic no one dared touch before)


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Hey - let's play

And questions are : 

Have any of the B-members such a thing inside their box ?

Did you ever encounter one - and did it bring luck

Any thoughts or anecdotes on the ritual ?

                                                                                                                               - let's hear what you got. . 


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . hQNShoy.jpg

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At a guitar show a number of years ago, I played a late 50s J-50 with a rattle in it that modoc and John had for sale. Never heard of it before, and some explained it was probably either 1) a superstition or 2) a way for a rhythm player to add some sneaky percussion to the live mix.  I could live with either “explanation.” I remember deciding that, had the stars aligned for a purchase, I most definitely would have kept it in.

I think...

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+1 on the rattles

About 15  years or so ago I came across a d-28  an early 60 model,  at one of the guitar stores I visit when I go down to the big city.  

 While trying it out I happened to hear a bit of a rattle in the guitar and I was surprised to find a rattlesnake rattle, its still there btw, 

Upon asking the owner of the store he told me what he knew about the guitar,  I won't bother with the story . 

Then I started asking around and I was told different stories, some said it was for good luck and other such things, but what I heard the most

was that it started when someone found a spider or something inside their Mando, so to scare off unwanted little critters hence the rattle, and over time it spread

to larger instruments, also the good luck story pooped up several more times. 


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4 hours ago, fortyearspickn said:

Was disturbed to hear a slight, raspy rattle in my SJ200 a couple of years ago. Shook it some more - a dead June Bug fell out.     Probably chased in there by a spider.  Running from a rattler. 

Was a mongoose close behind?

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Rattlesnakes very seldom sneak around here, so the phenomenon is purely mythical to me. It's simply not a part of the guitar culture in this this part of the world and therefor got even more attention when I first met it approx 10 years ago, , , maybe on these pages. But intriguing it is and a percussive tail-end would definitely stay in the guitar if one showed up. Also though you run the risk of shaking it out every time a pick is lost through the hole, , , or an artificial nail, which happened to during the last jam in the fall - actually on the very last strum at 4 AM.                                               

                          It's something to look after at the next flee-market - guess a breathless fly ain't the same, , , or a mud dauber, Dave F. Yet highly impressing they are. 


May be pretty hard to get hold of ~ dZqZMoo.jpg


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