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I just saw Junior Brown. Thanks Rich...


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My mind was blown from the beginning, he started with South of Dallas.


What a show he put on, he came back after the gig was over and played another half hour.


He went from country, to rockabilly, to jazz, to rock, to blues, to surf throughout the set.


It was a small venue, it was just the bass player, drummer with a snare and cymbal and Junior and his doble neck.


Great entertainer and a hell of a musician.

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It is definitely worth it.


He was humbled that the crowd knew his songs and gave him a couple of standing ovations.


When he came back for the half hour at the end he took requests from the audience, some of the songs he hadn't played in years so he just started to think a little bit and fiddle with the guitar and as soon as he was on the right track he would start the song.


He did a short version of his Surf Medley but then he followed with another 2 surf songs.


Pretty cool.

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