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Lucille ... too many holes


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It seems to work, by allowing both pickups, if I use the jack closest to the strap pin.  But the problem is that it doesn't work consistently (definitely only get the bridge pickup with the other jack).  This is why I'm suspecting that something needs cleaning?  (I prefer to leave the original wiring intact).  

Thanks for the response!


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It sounds to me as if it is all working as it should; for the top jack input (I think) you  need a stereo Y-type cord which has a 2-ring stereo jackplug the guitar end, and a mono on each of the other ends, then....2 amps.  Would sound brilliant but a bit of a hassle.

You might find that by pulling your mono jack plug out slightly it engages the other pickup instead. 

(EDIT) Here is a thread on it from 2017 started by Steve Ford.  This is why I think the top jack is stereo.


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I owned one. One jack, I believe the top works like any normal guitar with one jack. When mono cables (mono not stereo) are plugged into both jacks it splits the signal and one cable is the neck (I think the top) and one is the bridge. And you can sent the signals to different amps. 

I only did it a few times. Cool feature but 99.99% of the time it was never used like the Varitone, I rarely used it.

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Yeah... the input jack closest to the strap pin is for mono. The other is a stereo jack and you need a TRS plug for stereo output one for each pickup.

Like you mentioned, could need a good jack cleaning... spray deoxit or just roll up a fine sandpaper and use it like a jack.  Might as well clean the toggle switch and pots too!

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