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Playing Hendrix with my TV Yellow Gibson LP Special

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A few weeks ago, I got my first Les Paul as a surprise gift from my wife!


It’s a Gibson Les Paul Special from 2020 and it has proven to be the best guitar I’ve ever played!


Not only does it look nice, smell nice and play nice, it sounds amazing as well!

To show some of the versatility of this guitar, I recorded this version of Bold as Love, which is an archetypical Strat song.


Those of you with keen eyes can perhaps spot a Stratocaster lurking in the background?


Would love to hear what you think of this!

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Yeah nice...  Theres something about a slab body Gibson where they just have their own thing going on separate to a full fat Les Paul. P90s I think are amazing but I know not everyone likes them.. Its a bit of a love them or hate them thing I reckon. To me P90s have real grunt when distorted but yet clean up really nicely too.. Any hum has never really bothered me..

And yeah, nice subtle playing..  Good job [thumbup]

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Well done.  Great tone.  I have a Faded LP Special with humbuckers and  I have been thinking about putting a set of HB-sized P-90s in it.

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