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a question for you "old fogies".................

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I saw My Bloody Valentine at the Roundhouse last summer and it was LOUD. They were handing out earplugs as you went in, alas, when i tried to get some they'd ran out. The last 'song' they did had a 20 minute section of pure noise, you could feel it in your bones. The only way i could describe it, was like a helicopter taking off. They were amazing!!

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Ted Nugent - Rockford motor speedway (78/79?)


In the year before I went to my first concert (about '76) there was a review of a Ted Nugent open-air concert which - although I didn't attend - still remains in my memory for one incident. I think it was actually billed as the "If it's Too Loud; You're Too Old!" tour.


The concert its'self was as you'd expect but the thing that really stood out in the reviewer's psyche was something which happened during the soundcheck the morning of the gig. During final tweaks the sound tech hit a major chord on a keyboard. It so happened that, at that exact same moment, a pigeon flew right in front of the enormous wall which made up the backline PA and, to quote the tech guy "...the bird just sort-of vapourised before my eyes..."

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Okay, here's the politically incorrect old guy...


Lots of saloon bands in small venues playing with enough sound power to fill a 25,000 seat stadium.


Needless to say, one can't say much of the quality of those bands since they were so loud everything blended into one thumping beat - if the audience was lucky.

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Loudest for me was Foghat in 1991 at a little dive bar in Beaumont, Texas.

They had just gotten back together and gone on tour, I thought the roof was gonna fall in!

I also learned the importance if amp miking.

They played thru dinky little vintage Fenders, when I saw the poor-boy set up with a mic stuck in the face of these sh!tty little amps I laughed my *** off. They can't even afford a good set of amps?

Boy, was I wrong!!!


Mixed very well, killer tone, but LOUD.



Velvet Revolver at the Veteran's Coliseum in Phoenix in 2004.

Small venue, crappy acoustics, huge PA.


G@ddam loud!



Billy Squier in 1982, on the floor in front of the PA.

This farm boy had no idea Billy was one of them....

He did a little dance with his keyboard player during The Stroke, I felt this burning need to pour bleach in my eyes...

Anyhow, the music was good but loud as hell.

3 days of ringing ears.



Zakk Wylde on his Pride & Glory tour, 1993.

Close enough to pull a pick off his bullseye Les Paul, his Marshall was maybe 8 feet behind him.


Jackal at any of several small clubs.

If those guys come to town, you MUST go see 'em.

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Yeah, CM, earplugs for sure!



Problem is, I pulled 'em out and threw 'em on the floor at the Zakk gig.

He sounded that good, so fxck it - let's ROCK!



3 days of ringing.

That's why I rarely play MY Marshall JCM 800...

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Deep Purple, without a doubt! At the time '71-'72, there was no "reserve seating," so you could go right up to the stage,

if you got there early enough, and were young enough (as I was, at the time) that you didn't much care if your ears

rang, for hours afterwards. I stood dead center, in front of Richie Blackmore's (3) 200 watt Marshall Major (AKA "The Pig")

stacks. He ran them all "Full out!" Reached up, and he was gracious enough to shake my hand, after they finished "Lazy!"

Memorable night, but painful too, on the ears!



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Deep Purple' date=' without a doubt! [/quote']

CB, a buddy of mine saw them in 1984 on the Perfect Strangers tour.

It was a small venue, he got in as soon as the doors opened and headed up front.


He related the story to me years later at a Jackal show when we decided we couldn't hack the volume or the 'moshing' anymore, so we traded our floor tickets to some guys in the balcony - great seat!


Talking about how loud Jackal was and he said "This is nothing, when I saw Deep Purple they were f-ing LOUD!"

Said he got pretty loaded by the encore, the next day his hangover dissipated into constant ringing.

Took him awhile to realize it wasn't just the pot and whiskey banging in his head....

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Had to be Lynerd Skynerd and The Outlaws.


1976 in the Austin Tx. municipal auditorium. 3000 seat capacity, with only one security dude, and he would not leave the entry area, as the music was so loud.


The gear they played with was the same gear they used for coliseum gigs, so you can imagine.

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Van Halen for me. It was so loud I could barely understand the songs they were playing (sounding more like noise than music).


I saw Aerosmith back around the time of the Back In Black ACDC tour. Their sound was so bad, and so loud, that they would get out of time and have to stop playing. It was in a coliseum up in southern Maryland, pretty close to DC.


I'll never forget the din of all that wattage bouncing around the inside of that concrete bowl. Swore I'd never see another coliseum concert.


About a year later, I got a chance to see ACDC in the same place. They sounded great. Clean and clear, almost like listening to an album. (CD to you young'uns)


It had to be that the sound guys for ACDC knew they needed to control the volume, or the show would suck. I sure wish every band understood that.

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Seen AC/DC a few times, they ALWAYS had their mix dead on and the volume was actually kinda low.

Slash's Snakepit opened for 'em once and they sounded really good too.


Saw Slash with VR a few years ago, and, well, I related that to you earlier.

WAY TOO LOUD, I didn't even stay for the whole show.


Deafening volume + concrete bowl = sh!tty sound and big headaches.

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