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Where have all the pickups gone?

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I finally got around to restoring my 91 Special 3-knob.  Got the proper alpine white nitro paint for the body, black nitro for the headstock face, gold for the logo, and clear nitro to finish.  Researched and acquired all the original parts except for the pickups.  I want to put some Gold ‘57 Classics in it but can’t find any!  Then I started looking for Gold ‘57 Classic Plus with no luck there either.  Also, I can’t find a gold stop bar tailpiece.  I mean, of course I can find them used, but I don’t want used parts.

I bought this guitar new back in 1991, it was my first “real” guitar!  Then, around 2003 it met with an unfortunate accident with a large bottle of acetone.  I stripped the rest of the paint so that it was a bare wood body, put all the parts and hardware in a box and shoved everything into the closet while I searched for somebody/someplace to give it a proper refinish.  I even reached out to Gibson but they wanted something like $3000 JUST TO PAINT IT!!!  I only paid $600 for it new in 91.  So it sat...   flash forward 17 years, the box with all its parts and hardware has long since gone missing (exwife probably threw it away) and as it’s 30th birthday approaches, I am going crazy trying to get it done so I can actually play it on its 30th birthday, which is May 14th (serial # 91341300 = May 14, 1991).

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