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Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony - Backplate is not covered with Gibson logo


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hello gurus,

I have a gibson custom les paul ebony model. But my toggle switch backplate is not covered by gibson custom logo. It's ordinary black instead. I tried to search the web if there are these kind of models but no luck.

Do you have any clue that are there any models with this kind of backplates in Gibson customs?

Thanks in advanvce.

Edit: I have googled and found some pictures of normal backplates at customs. Mine is 2011 model.

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well, without seeing this plate, I'm left to a lot of guess work too.

first thing to think about,  it's easy to be confused between "Custom"  and "Custom Shop" with things like this.  

If you have a les paul custom that is a normal production line model, it would not necessarily have a cover plate other than a plain one. 

There is also the chance that some of those plates are specific to certain years where for one reason or another, Gibson decided to put something different on there.

Like a 60th anniversary or something like that. 

I would look closely at several other 2011 models like yours to see if you can find a match to what yours looks like on Ebay or Reverb.

an email to customer service should help to answer the question too.


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