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Bye Lizzie...sniff!


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Well, she just left home...

Dizzy Lizzie now belongs to someone else.


I just sold my Leslie 122.

Good news is I just bought a Leslie G37. Half the size and weight and is specifically designed for guitar. No pre-amps needed or bulky "Leslie cables"


My 122 was great, but its too damn heavy and cumbersome to move. It was like trying to move a fridge every time I wanted to Jam with it at another location. Most times I would leave it at home, but its part of my sound, and I missed it while playing.


Im not a wuss here boys, but as most of us know Wifey needs to be in on all major purchases.

She gave me her blessing to buy the G37 as long as the 122 left the building. " We are running out of room hun!"


The way I see it is this....The 122 as much as I loved her was 40 years old. Original speakers, amp, motors etc...

They never failed me once...but they are getting old and tired and its VERY hard to find replacements parts here in Canada for Leslie speakers. I replaced the top horn, and bought a 30' Leslie cable and had to order from the States and pay big bucks....I also had to wait because the horn was on back order.

At least the G37 is new, and im not going to need friends or neighbours to help me load and unload her everytime

I want to jam with buddies.


I sold it to a nice guy from London Ontario...Hes an organist with a huge setup and wants a Leslie to add some depth. I guess you could say sweet Lizzie left me for a guy with a bigger organ then mine!


Ill miss you Lizzie. Im just glad you went to a good home.



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