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My First ES335: Question about Pickguard durabilty


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Hi all

After years of wanting a Gibson ES335, I finally bought one last week, and love it! The only concern I have is around the pickguard. I noticed a day or two ago that there are already about five noticeable dings in the pickguard by the bridge pickup.

I get that they take some of the pick knocks that would otherwise damage the paintwork, so you'd expect some scuffing over time, but this normal after a week?  My other electric is a Rickenbacker 330 which I've had for 20 years and after all that time I can barely see a single mark on the Rick's pickguard.

My initial thought was maybe there is a thin layer of peel-able plastic film covering that came with the guitar, but I cant see any as far as I can make out.


Thanks in advance for any advice.


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That's funny.  I bought a MIM Strat one time that had the plastic film over the pickguard and it might have been a year I played it before some of it started to peel up and then I removed the rest of it.  Sometimes that film is very hearty and sometimes not so much.

Beautiful looking 335 by the way 👍

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