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gibson les paul traditional pro! NEW MODEL!!!


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the guitar centre website has a new model listed.

its called the gibson les paul standard traditional pro.


its a traditional with tone pros hardware, the locking tuners from the 08 standard, a plain top, and a satin finish neck.

the pick-ups are a burstbucker 3 in the bridge and a 57 classic in the neck.


it comes in ebony, vintage sunburst and cherry sunburst.


it is being sold at $1999.99


its not on the gibson website yet and is a guitar centre exclusive


edit: the info on the guitar centre website is wrong. they just copied the normal traditionals info until they can be bothered to update it


heres a picture:




its also on the musicians friends website

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its a green top les paul axcess basically its not really a burst but that is what gibson call it.

it was released with fire tiger finish which is basically a red les paul axcess.

i think they are availiable on special order.


i can't find any pictures of it anywhere. an ebay seller called isellalotofit who sells as you might have guessed a lot of gibsons had one but my computer had to be wiped off meaning the pictures got deleted


i don't want one of those any more any way


why is no one commenting on the new model btw.

look it up on the musicians friend website if you don't believe me


edit: heres a link: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard-Traditional-Pro-Electric-Guitar?sku=581715

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*yawn* Old news ...




yeah i know its been on the mlp forum but i was watching here and no one mentioned it so i thought it say something =;


its pretty much replacing the classic though.

some of them have been sold with classic truss rod covers by mistake.

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One came in to the guitar center last Thursday when I was in there looking around. The guy just brought it out. He handed it over to me and I took it and plugged it into a VOX AC30.


WOW...it was a nice one, it did have the "Classic" truss rod cover on it....it shouldn't have.


If I would have had the $2000 on me or in the bank set aside for a new guitar I would have bought it. For anyone who lives in Ohio its at the Columbus guitar center.


The satin neck felt awesome, No issues with the guitar that I saw or heard.

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I just played one and brought it home. :-k


Last year I picked up a DOT to get my feet wet, then this year decided to invest in one pro instrument. Versatility was a high priority, which this LP has in spades with both the BB3 and overwound 57 split-coil via pull-up knobs. From what I can tell the components are genuine Gibson if not perfectly "classic". Please note that I am an electric guitar neophyte (keyboard mostly and some acoustic guitar), so my understanding of Gibson lineage is pretty slim.


Well the guitar sounds great through an Orange AD30TC Combo, THD Bi-Valve and Guitar Rig 3 emulations which I'm currently running. A friend and I did a shootout between my new LP and his Standard Premium Plus through the THD, and we agreed this new model holds up well - just a bit of upper-midrange edge compared to his but very easy to control. Overall build quality is comparable and the vintage sunburst is gorgeous.


I've started one test project in Pro Tools running Guitar Rig 3. Rhythm guitar is double-tracked, one bridge and one neck, pups both in HB mode. Volume and tone are wide open. Neck is scooped maybe 2 dB around 6 kHz and bridge is band limited from around 150 Hz - 550 Hz to add warmth. Excellent tone so far - big, controlled and sits well in the rough mix.


The GC tech apparently liked this guitar enough to do a good setup, but I'm still planning to take it in for pro setup and some intonation tweaking. It really chimes when the tuning is just right.


I don't know enough yet to offer a more comprehensive review but will try to add more as I figure things out. So far, I'm having a blast and think it's a really nice guitar, especially for a sub $2000 Nashville Gibson.



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I just purchased this model, too. My first Gibson Les Paul ever! I almost bought a Les Paul "The Paul" about 30 years ago (it would have been my first guitar), but NOOOOO, I was talked out of it by my mom (never listen to your mother!). I sold my comic book collection to procure the money for it.


Anyways, I am just gettting used to playing it (long-time Fender player) and dialing in a rhythm sound I like. I should change the strings, that might help, but this guitar sounds really good and it plays even better.


If any of you all have Les Paul tips for a first time user I'd like to hear them.

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