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Weird Creaking Noises During Truss Rod Adjustment? Fear of Maxing out?

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If you hear a creaking noise during truss rod adjustment or if you think you cannot tighten any further (lest you break something), halt whatever you are doing. Proceed as follows:

  1. Loosen the nut of the truss rod until it is completely off,
  2. take some oil like Ballistol to sparingly lubricate the inner threads of the nut as well as the threads of the truss rod,
  3. then screw the nut back on.

Adjustment should now come buttery-smooth, and you should notice that you can adjust much further (even bringing the neck into a backbow) without any creaking noises or causing unnecessary stress to the truss rod.

Don't forget to always loosen the strings first when tightening the truss rod. It puts less stress on the truss rod and yields better results. You can also always pre-bend the neck before tightening to take some of the workload off old truss rods.

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