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I'll admit.  I like watching "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers" just to see some of the stuff people bring in and what Mike and Frank dig up.   There used to be a local Detroit production called "Hardcore Pawn" that's no longer being shown.    I've actually been to that pawnshop....


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The natural born talent to play the guitar 

A 19 year old Bridgette Bardot might be nice along with a Porsche to schlep her around in.  (Odds of that happening: zilch) A really nice house in New Mexico with a stereo system built around a s

a pair of slippers

On 4/12/2021 at 5:54 AM, 01GT eibach said:

Both Pawn Stars and Counting Cars are so painfully obvious that they are scripted out to the n-th detail that they are a little hard for me to watch.  That being said, I completely concede/agree that the actual "pawn item appraisals" and also the cars on Counting Cars (in spite of the horrible scripts) can be very compelling.  My TV guilty pleasure is way worse than yours, though.  I am a Top Chef junkie along with whatever dumb cooking competition the Food Network has to trot out ... LOL

01, I'm with ya on the scripting.... I can almost skip the entire Counting Cars script and just see the 'before' and 'after' cars!   Same with Pawn Stars....just give me the appraisals.....

I watched cooking shows for awhile....but since I'm a total zero in the kitchen, (I do make the coffee here), it was like they were speaking another language.

But....we watch these mindless shows for the ability to put our minds in neutral.

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21 hours ago, ghost_of_fl said:

Not sure about "American Pickers" but the 2 pawn shop shows are scripted which kind of ruins the fun for me.  Same goes for "Storage Wars".  

I've long had this fantasy that while watching the show "Hoarders", Frank and Mike from "Pickers" show up and start asking, "Hey, RITA!  How much for this torn half of a receipt?"  And the lady shouts. "That's not for sale.  I have BIG PLANS for that receipt!"  [laugh]


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